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Christmas Booty

December 24, 2014

As I don’t write much on this blog like I used to, it still attracts visitors.

Thanx for the continued support and Happy Holidays.

christmas-booty christmas-booty-18 Gina-Carano-Ass-Christmas xmas booty xmas-ass-


Ich danke Ihnen, Deutschland!

August 8, 2014

For some reason, I kept getting a lot views from Germany.

Aus irgendeinem Grund hielt ich immer eine Menge Ansichten aus Deutschland.

Views by Germany

I don’t know why that happened.

Ich weiß nicht, warum das passiert ist.

I thank Germans for viewing my blog. (I don’t speak German. I’m using Google Translator.)

Ich danke für das Betrachten Deutschen meinem Blog. (Ich weiß nicht Deutsch sprechen. Ich bin mit Google Translator.)

German booty


7 Reasons You Should Buy Orlando Nightlife Women

May 11, 2014

As you can tell by the following photo, I definitely enjoy the company of women.

Black guy in fedora and two burlesque dancers

Like I mentioned in previous blogs, I also enjoy photographing women, especially nightlife women.  Recently, I published Orlando Nightlife Women, a photo book.

I am now going to give you seven reasons on why you should buy my book.

1. School girls.

2 school girls


2. Thongs.

Babe showing her thong in Downtown Orlando


3. Blondes.Blonde nightclub dancer winking her eye


4. Bar counter dancing.

Bar Counter Dancing


5. Big white booty.

big white booty


6. Big black booty (referring to one in red).

black booty


7. Racial harmony.Racial Harmony white girl between two black guys

My book Orlando Nightlife Women can found in two main spots: Amazon and CreateSpace.




Orlando Nightlife Women: Photos Too Hot for Disney

May 1, 2014

Recently, I finished another photo book.  This one involved a big booty redhead on the cover.

orlando nightlife women cover

This is the blurb I wrote for it: For over a decade, photographer Patrick Scott Barnes photographed women of Orlando’s nightlife. Some photos are completely tame. Many are extremely outrageous…in a good way.

Most photos definitely would not be seen at Walt Disney World, Orlando’s most famous neighbor. This collection of photos shows a side of Orlando rarely shown before; female butts aimed at the camera, women exposing breasts and women dressed as catholic school girls. It’s a freaky world, after all.

Plus different spices of women are represented: blondes, redheads, brunettes, Latinas, Ebony Goddesses, etc. All of the women represent real bodies, no Photoshopped pics here. Just the real deal for folks who enjoy real bodies.

Here’s some sample pics.

Brunette in VIP Section

Latina and Black Nightclub Dancers


big butt white girl in pink shorts

Usually, WordPress,com kills the Amazon link.  So, here’s a direct link from the publisher.

Here’s the video I created for it.

Booty eBook Cover Sparks Controversy

April 9, 2014

I just don’t get people.  You try doing something right, nobody notices.  Yet, the minute you stop giving a fuck, folks now start moralizing.

For example, folks always told me they loved the Instagram photos I upload to Facebook.  I thought I’d make a book out of it, right?  While knowing the paperback might be too costly, I created a cheap eBook.  How many books did I sell?  Not one. How many eBooks?  None.

When I mentioned I took out the booty pics, folks made jokes about it.  So, what did I do next?  Created an eBook with a booty pic on the cover.

Booty Book Cover

One of my Facebook friends started moralizing.  He even created a post discussing my book.

Photo controversey


He got three responses.  This is what they posted.

Photo controversey 2


Lydia Lunch was in reference to my bio stating I opened for the infamous spoken-word artist.  (Player-hater.)  Now as for Francesca’s answer, she was right.  What I did was creepy.  Yet, I did have permission to photograph the young ladies.  How so?  I was the official photographer that night.

More than likely, the eBook probably won’t even sell.  I sold more poetry books and eBooks than photo.   So, I just might go back to pushing my poetry book.

Still, for those who want a sneak peak of the controversial eBook, here’s some samples.

UK British Shorts Booty


The social




vintage female legs

Before closing, let me discuss that model release business.  You don’t need one.  Unless, you’re using the pic for selling products, you don’t need a model release.  Don’t believe me?  Ask Black Star Rising.


For those who are interested, my controversial eBook is $2.99 on Amazon. Sometimes, WordPress kills the links. So, you might have to search for Family-Friendly, My Ass!.

Orlando Sentinel Website Posts Miley Cyrus Crotch and Booty Shots

March 26, 2014

I considered stop posting blogs about Miley Cyrus.  I thought it was getting old.  Yet, wouldn’t you know it?  Orlando Sentinel posts Miley Cyrus crotch and booty shots on its website.

Photo by Nick Masuda

Photo by Nick Masuda

Actually, they were pics by folks who attended Cyrus’ recent concert in Orlando.  Also, get this.  My friend Renee pointed this next thing out.  There were SIXTY-NINE PICS!!!  I’ll just let that hang there.

Still, I am shocked!  This is the Orlando Sentinel, a paper known for catering to conservative white people.

The only thing I can think of?  Orlando Sentinel must be hurting for readers real bad.

Who knew? Actress Angela Bassett Got Back!!!

March 3, 2014

A show of hands.  How many dudes knew actress Angela Bassett owned a nice booty?  Of course, she’s above flaunting her booty for the camera.  Still, a recent viral photo on Facebook shows something I never knew about Angela.  Check out the pic.  Fifty-five years old and packing much booty.

angela basset orange dress and booty

Don’t get me wrong.  I always found Angela Bassett beautiful and underrated as an actress.  If she was a white woman, Hollywood definitely would chose her over (Insert Overrated White Actress Here).

Man, after all these years, I never knew about Angela’s booty.

2002 Emmy Awards - Arrivals