About Me and Contacting Me

I’m a late-bloomer. Even though I always loved music and folks always loved my jukebox picks, I didn’t start DJing until age 41. My first gig involved me using iTunes and the bar giving me free booze. I’ve graduated to Virtual DJ and cash now.

Black guy in fedora and two burlesque dancers

Contact: dread_89@yahoo.com


14 Comments on “About Me and Contacting Me”

  1. Rahu; Says:

    Hey Mate,

    Just been reading your blog. Pretty interesting stuff to know how you have been getting around.

    Just some tips for setting up your laptop to using midi controllers


    It works great for me, No audio Drop outs ! ITS PERFECT !

    I Dj with Traktor Pro 2 and use The Kontrol S4.

    Would suggest you switch to Traktor too as it opens a whole new world of Djing possibilities





  2. The Monsta Jamma KSG Says:

    I read an article written by you on 7 reasons one shouldn’t download requests (paraphrasing). Good stuff, same arguments I’ve had for years, it’s unfortunate that not many people get that. Nice article, just wanted to give some props.

  3. I love this blog. I just started getting into the idea of DJing, and this is the only DJ blog I keep up with. Your blog provides me with new ideas for music.

  4. max Says:

    Hey mate, thanks for posting these dude, I thought about you when I became aware of this. Life has been hectic lately down here bro. Rahu’s advice is good IMO, makes it easy to start producing producing your own tracks. Once you get a set together and lock it down, I can get you some work down here. At least enough for a holiday mate.

  5. Great to hear that you started somewhat late and are having a good time with it/seeing some success. I didn’t get serious til early 30’s and sometimes find myself thinking, “Man…look at all these kids running around. Am I too old for this?” Nope. Age=wisdom and good tune selection. 😀

  6. Gerald Myles Says:

    Hey man,
    I subscribed a while ago and dig your posts. I’m a DJ/drummer who lived in Orlando for some of the best years of my life. I played out in Sanford (Peacock room) and was a fixture in downtown Orlando. I especially enjoy your photos. Every once in a while I’ll see one of my old partners (Swamberger, BMF). I moved away in ’05 and used to get down for a visit at least once a year. Since my wife and I had kids 5 years ago it’s been tougher to get back. No doubt the next time I get to FL I’ll be stopping by one of your gigs to shake your hand and check out the vibe.

    Keep up the good work. I’ll run into you sooner or later.
    DJ G-Money

  7. Moment Matters Says:

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