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Booty eBook Cover Sparks Controversy

April 9, 2014

I just don’t get people.  You try doing something right, nobody notices.  Yet, the minute you stop giving a fuck, folks now start moralizing.

For example, folks always told me they loved the Instagram photos I upload to Facebook.  I thought I’d make a book out of it, right?  While knowing the paperback might be too costly, I created a cheap eBook.  How many books did I sell?  Not one. How many eBooks?  None.

When I mentioned I took out the booty pics, folks made jokes about it.  So, what did I do next?  Created an eBook with a booty pic on the cover.

Booty Book Cover

One of my Facebook friends started moralizing.  He even created a post discussing my book.

Photo controversey


He got three responses.  This is what they posted.

Photo controversey 2


Lydia Lunch was in reference to my bio stating I opened for the infamous spoken-word artist.  (Player-hater.)  Now as for Francesca’s answer, she was right.  What I did was creepy.  Yet, I did have permission to photograph the young ladies.  How so?  I was the official photographer that night.

More than likely, the eBook probably won’t even sell.  I sold more poetry books and eBooks than photo.   So, I just might go back to pushing my poetry book.

Still, for those who want a sneak peak of the controversial eBook, here’s some samples.

UK British Shorts Booty


The social




vintage female legs

Before closing, let me discuss that model release business.  You don’t need one.  Unless, you’re using the pic for selling products, you don’t need a model release.  Don’t believe me?  Ask Black Star Rising.


For those who are interested, my controversial eBook is $2.99 on Amazon. Sometimes, WordPress kills the links. So, you might have to search for Family-Friendly, My Ass!.