New Poetry Book: The Butt Freak Blues

Recently, I self-published a collection of poetry called The Butt Freak Blues. 

Butt Freak Blues Cover Black woman big booty

For $6.99, I have the book version. $2.99 gets you the eBook version.

I’ll give you some poetry samples:

Bootyland (excerpt)

Wanna fly to Bootyland.
Tropical climate.
Beaches heavily saturated with
big juicy bottoms.
A rump chump’s paradise.

Bootyland on my mind 24/7.
Will get over my fear of planes
just to get to Bootyland.
Will even learn Bootyland’s native tongue.
Will even spend all my money
on a lady from Bootyland.

Well Endowed (excerpt)

She’s pissed.
Pissed off at me because
I dumped her crazy ass, again.

“A big dick does not make you a man!”

What does my big dick
have to do with this?
Why drag my big dick
through all this unnecessary drama?

My big dick should be left alone.
Why does she have to go below the belt?

The Hip-Hop Remix (excerpt)

Late afternoon.
Watering the roses.
Kids playing in the streets.
Birds chirping.
Squirrels running up and down trees.
Neighbor’s yard-sprinklers chick-chick-chicking away.
Ice cream music playing over hip-hop beats.

Yep, the ice cream man is coming.
And the ice cream man bumpin’ bass.

Also,  I have a blog for the book itself.

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