Nasty Memes Concerning Justin Bieber’s Arrest

Before I go on, I got a confession to make. I own some Justin Bieber songs. As a DJ, I have to cater to my audience. So, I don’t wanna here no shit.

As of this writing, looks like USA’s most hated Canadian has recently been arrested.
Justin Bieber's Mugshot

What did he do, you ask? I’ll let Taylor Berman at Gawker tell you.

Yet, a day hasn’t passed and the nasty memes already exist on Facebook,

First, I saw the mugshot Photoshopped in drag.

Justin Bieber Mugshot in Drag Makeup

Then, the next meme congratulates Florida for finally getting something right.

Justin Bieber's Arrest - Florida Finally Got Something Right

As I looked at Mr. Bieber’s mugshot, I realized his resemblance to Miley Cyrus.  Apparently,  other people thought the same thing.

Justin Bieber Plus Lipstick Equals Miley Cyrus

Justin  Bieber without and with makeup

(Oh yea, when you add words to photos, you might want to learn how to highlight your words.  Either that or just use white words. I say this because, in the second meme, you can barely see the words on Miley’s face .)

The last meme I present is the nastiest one I witnessed on Facebook.  Let’s just say it involves brutal jail sex with singer Ray J.

Justin Bieber's Day 1 and Day 2

If I ever become famous, I hope I never get arrested.  Memes can be real brutal.

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