Interviewed as I Discuss Poetry, DJing and the Onion Booty

Recently, author Christoph Paul interviewed me for his blog.  In it, I discuss DJing, poetry and the onion booty.

An excerpt:

1) you are poet & a DJ. Which do you think is more appealing to women?

I think a poet is more appealing. Uh oh, I done pissed off my DJ friends. When reading and writing poetry, your talent is obvious. You wrote the damned piece. Many people are ignorant about the DJ craft. Many think the only thing a DJ does is flip on other people’s music. They can’t comprehend the DJ reading the crowd and knowing when to play certain songs. Plus many see a DJ as a human jukebox, somebody that plays every song you request. When women flock to poets, they are falling in love with the poet’s intellect. When women flock to DJs, these groupies just want a popularity boost. “Look at me! I’m the DJ’s girlfriend.” Of course, that’s not always the case. Still, because of the ignorance on what a DJ does, that’s why I think women find poets more appealing. When it comes to poetry, the talent is more obvious.

Click here for rest of article.

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