Gigs Cancelled at the Last Minute

First let me say this: No one put me up to this.  In order to illustrate what bands and other talent goes through, I took it upon myself to write this blog.

Last Friday, I noticed these two postings on Facebook, postings dealing with a friend’s band cancelled at the last minute.  The postings was by Shad Pearson of  The Actomatics.

band cancelled update

This was the message Shad referred to.

band cancelled

I’m not going to bad mouth Back Booth, a bar located in Downtown Orlando.  Yet, I know exactly how this must have pissed The Actomatics off.  As a DJ, I experienced this numerous times.  You arrange your whole week around the scheduled night.  The next thing you know, your night has been cancelled…at the last fuckin’ minute!

One time, I had the opportunity to watch an all-female football game.  Yet, I had a previous agreement to DJ at a bar that same night, an agreement I honored.  What happened?  One morning on the scheduled date, the bar called me and cancelled me.  The excuse was a scheduling mix-up.  After that, would you believe the same bar  pulled that excuse again?  This time it happened an hour before I was supposed to show up.  It just didn’t stop there either.  The same place did it at least two more times.

Like I mentioned before, I definitely know how The Actomatics must have felt.  For those unfamiliar with the lives of bands and other acts, let this be an eye-opener.  Not all bars behave this way.  Yet, last minute cancellations happens a lot.

Has this happened to any of you?  Feel free to talk about it in the comments section.

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