Beyonce Ain’t Shit

Hadn’t witnessed so much hatred against a black woman

since Mike Tyson and Robin Givens.


“Beyonce ain’t shit!”


What the hell did Beyonce do?

What earned her so much scorn?

Was she supposed to have five kids from five different men?

Was she supposed to be another criminal black face on the evening news?

Would that have made some folks happy?


“Beyonce ain’t shit!”


White folks pouring it on also.

Guess Beyonce was supposed to marry a white Hollywood actor

instead of a rich black rapper.

Guess she was supposed to star in movies

starring white male actors as her romantic lead.

Following the footsteps of Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez.


“Beyonce ain’t shit!”


Get a life.

Some of you jealous folks

ain’t shit either.

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6 Comments on “Beyonce Ain’t Shit”

  1. eric carroll Says:

    Yeah beyonce should have 5 kids by 5 baby daddy’s that would’ve made her more hotter ,jump from men to men ,pull a train on that hot ass

  2. eric carroll Says:

    I’ll give her some of my dark chocolate dick she light skin so she needs some dark dick ! She will learn today !L.O.L

  3. Jose Reyes Says:

    Beyonce is Awesome, amazing singer, great mother.
    She is what everyone white woman want to be.
    One the greatest entertainers of all time.
    A role model..
    What more can I say..

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