Three Easy Steps On How To Fuck Up Your Blog

Here’s my confession:  I fucked up my blog.  Fucked it up big time.  Fucked it up so bad, I am now restructuring it.

How did I fuck up my blog?  Keep reading and you’ll see why.  Hopefully, other bloggers won’t do the same thing to their blog.

  1. Not having a definite goal: Why write a blog?  What’s the motivation?  Why do I want to tell the whole damned internet my business?  My main motivation was giving exposure to my writing skills.  For this blog, no way in hell did I expect to boost my DJ career.  Yet, I moved away from the writing goal. Because I noticed the booty pic traffic I kept receiving, I focused more on the photos.  No, not all photos contained a nice round derriere.   Yet, I kept focusing more on pics versus my writing, taking me away from the goal of exposing my writings.why blog
  2. Not sticking to the theme: This was supposed to be a DJ blog.  Yet, I kept including things that definitely weren’t DJ related.  What is a blog about hot air balloons doing on a DJ blog?  Still, I did just that, posted a blog about hot air balloons.  Don’t go looking for it because I’m deleting the damned thing.Stick to the fuckin' theme!
  3. Not solving readers’ problems or catering to their needs: Many people search the internet to solve problems.  Writing journal blogs went out with MySpace. In the past, readers told me they read my blog because few blogs exist about the DJ life.  They were looking up to me for tips on their own DJ career, which surprised the hell out of me. The only thing making my blog a legit DJ blog is my vinyl music blogs.  Not only do I tell the reader what I play, I also give the reader a short synopsis of the album.Nobody gives a shit about your online journal

What do I do now?  Like I mentioned before, I’m restructuring. Some blogs are being deleted.   I’m  keeping with the booty pics because they serve a demand.  Because folks have found my blog because of it, I’m sticking with nightlife posts too. Apparently, they serve a need too.  Of course, because this is a DJ blog, I shall stick with blogging about the DJ life and music too.

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