Rapper Tim Dog Dead at 46

Yesterday, after a long battle with diabetes, Rapper Tim Dog died from a seizure.  He was 46.

tim dog

Tim Dog was best known for the dis song “Fuck Compton”, a nasty aim at members of NWA.  Back in the late 80’s, after the success of NWA’s  Straight Outta Compton album, South Bronx’s Tim Dog wasn’t haven’t it.  Due to lack of interest in East Coast rappers at the time, Tim Dog released his frustrations in his infamous song.

For years, I hadn’t seen or heard anything about Tim Dog (real name Tim Blair) since the 90’s.  Yet, last year,I saw him in trouble on NBC Dateline. Mr. Fuck Compton was swindling women out of money.

As I found it funny, I never got into the Fuck Compton hype.  Besides, I’m a Southerner.  Me getting into that East Coast versus West Coast bullshit would have been out right ridiculous.

Still, I’m going to miss Tim Dog.  May he rest in peace.


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2 Comments on “Rapper Tim Dog Dead at 46”

  1. DJ Wahbull Says:

    WoW, not only had I never heard of Tim Dog but I considered myself, not an expert, but a pretty well educated and knowledgeable human being on the topic of rap in general from any time period. Pretty interesting dude, I had to do some research on him, meaning read his wiki and self proclaimed webpage; but wow after watching ‘Fuck Compton’ I was completely blown away by the vid and performance. Big Up to you for mentioning this and drawing interest to it.

    But I actually stopped by your website to drop of this link to an article you might find interesting. I stumbled across your blog once before when you were talking about Vinyl Djs Vs Mp3 Djs and this forum thread is right up that alley, so check it out and let me know what you think!


    Also on a side note, what is your take on the ‘Harlem Shake’ youtube movement? Im gonna post another link to T Pains most recent addition to the aforementioned shake movement, but if you havent heard type it into the youtube search bar and watch the goodness unfold!

    Keep up the good work

    a fan, DJ Wahbull

    • Stone Crazy Says:

      Sorry for the late response. Thanx for the props on Tim Dog. As for the forum, I find it a good discussion. Yet, I still see the same types of morons declaring vinyl is the best. I’m just now finding out about the Harlem Shake. I think it’s cool. In these harsh times, folks need something to shake off the stress. Dancing is one of those best options.

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