Mr. Pierre’s Erotic Stories Night

Last Wednesday, I attended Mr. Pierre’s Hump Day: Ladies’ Night, a night of sexy stories and poetry read by women. The event steamed up The Peacock Room, an Orlando bar.

I attended and read at previous Hump Day events,, but tonight Mr. Pierre decided to run an Only Girls event.  After hearing the readings, I didn’t complain not one damned bit.  Hell, I even suggested  Hump Day nights should remain only girls.  The hell with the boys.

Keri Sardone looking sexy in glasses. Her reading was sexy too.

Keri Sardoni

Ruby Darling: One of Orlando’s best burlesque dancers, she’s a member of Skill Focus:Burlesque.  She’s just as skilled with the spoken-word too.

Ruby Darling

Tiffany Lane Naymick:  Know how looks can be deceiving?  You wouldn’t think such an innocent-looking person could own such delicious naughtiness inside them.  Tiffany is one of those people.  I wasn’t complaining.

Tifffany Lane Naymick

Cherry Bob-omb: Another member of Skill Focus: Burlesque.  I hadn’t witnessed her moves yet.  Still, I enjoyed her reading.

Cherry Bob-omb

Moxie O’ Connell: A graphic designer at Media Impact Advertising.  If you like tattoos with your erotic stories, Moxie is your woman.  Tell her DJ Stone Crazy sent you.

Pink hair

Amanda Millar:  Where do I start? I first fell in love with Amanda when I first witnessed her reading a story involving sexual kinkiness on a religious person.  This night, she got kinky with TV Chef Nigella Lawson.  Truth be known, I think many dudes may have craved sexual kinkiness with Nigella Lawson or searched the Internet for Nigella Lawson porn.

Amanda Millar

Whitney Morgan: a local model and underground actress, she read a pegging story written by Mark Parchman.

whitney morgan

What is pegging, you ask?  Pegging involves female anal penetration on a dude.  In other words, a woman fucking a dude in the ass with a strap-on dildo.

strap-on girl

I ain’t saying no names.  Yet, I get the feeling at least one of the female readers performed this act many times.

strap-on dildo

Mr. Pierre and the ladies: Oh yea, Mr. Pierre AKA Michael Pierre read a naughty story in the female point of view.  Because he lost some kind of bet, he had to read about being a bad little girl.

Mr. Pierre

Whitney Morgan and Mark Parchman

Whitney Morgan and Mark Parchman

Ruby and Whitney

Keri Sardone

Tiffany Layne Naymick

Ruby Darling

Usually, big butts gain my attention.  Looking at this pic, the reader can tell what else catches my attention.  I’m referring to her smile.

big boobs

Pink hair 2

Amanda Millar

Erotic stories women

Mike and the girls

I think the next Hump is in April.  Like I mentioned earlier, I hope Mr. Pierre keeps it Only Girls.

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