A Top 40 Broke-Ass Friday

Last week, Broke-Ass Friday happened again.  It used to be ten dollar all you can drink Narragansett.   Yet, as you can see in the following pic, things have changed.

Broke-Ass Friday

Due to rent and mortgage payments, folks are usually broke during the first of the month, inspiring the event’s name Broke-Ass Fridays.

Instead of using the building’s speakers, a special set-up was created for bands and DJs.

mixing board


The following pic is my monitor speaker, something I rarely have.   For those that don’t know, in order to correctly hear the sound the audience hears, monitor speakers face the DJ or musicians.

moniter speaker


I even had a mic that night.



My set-up:  I always believed in putting some speakers on the floor, especially sub-woofers.   Bass near the floor inspires people to dance.



During the last Broke-Ass Fridays, I played mostly hip-hop.  After seeing many people enjoying themselves, I thought the night went over well. Yet, I heard some folks had complained.  For the next Broke-Ass Friday,  I agreed to play mostly Top 40 with a sprinkle of hip-hop.

Before I go on, I’m going to jump on my soap box.  Hip-hop and soul dominates T0p 40 nowadays.   True enough, some of it sucks.  Still, there’s no denying hip-hop’s major influence on culture.  That’s why I kept playing it that night.  For those who complained abut my playing hip-hop, I hope a thug rapper impregnates their daughter or daughters.

When it came to folks asking for requests the current night, guess what genre some young white guy asked for?  It sure the hell wasn’t rock or country.  Nor was it Top 40.   He asked for a hip-hop song from a mixtape.   I didn’t have it.  I had no idea  a DJ must now carry mixtapes in his or her music collection.

During the night, I noticed a dreadlocked guy wearing one of the bar’s mask.

masked dreadlock guy


After he left, I put on the mask myself.  I called it my MF Doom look.   Rapper MF Doom always wears a mask.

Photo by Hurry Regal

Photo by Hurry Regal


Outside, some dude drove by in a car with sparkling lights on it, looking like something from the movie Tron.   He stopped and allowed folks to photograph the car.

Tron car

tron car

tron car


Speaking of outside, look at the “art” created with vinyl records.

vinyl art


This night proved more interesting than previous Broke-Ass Fridays, especially with the Tron car.  Wonder what’s the next one going to be like?


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