Performing A Saturday Night DJ Gig at Orlando’s Li’l Indies

Last Saturday, I played a DJ gig at Li’l Indies, located in Orlando. Also, it exists right next to Will’s Pub. Will’s own Li’l Indies.

DJ Stone Crazy

I forgot the memory card for my Canon Rebel.  So, I used my iPhone for pics.

Monique Philly (the black woman in the pic) was celebrating her birthday, the main purpose of my gig.

Monique and friend

Just like Monique wanted, I played a mixture of punk, disco, soul and rock.  Most of it was seventies and  eighties music.  She didn’t want any rap, the first time I heard this coming from someone black.  Well, at least, I found the opportunity to play Skinny Puppy’s “Hexonxonx”  and Ministry’s “Stigmata”, industrial music songs I normally don’t play during gigs.

Some friends came by.

Keith Gregson

Keith Gregson

E.R. Jess AKA Butch


Trevor Frasier


I didn’t attract a huge crowd.  Yet, the crowd remained steady.  Truth be known, it was one of my better Orlando Saturday night gigs.  Sometimes, only two to five people show up on these particular gigs.

When I played Debbie Deb’s “When I Hear Music”, some folks kept saying roller skate music.  Back in the 80’s, that song always played at Semoran Skateway in Casselberry, located not too far from Orlando.

I followed Debbie Deb with “Diamond Girl” by Nice and Wild, a group I saw at the now-closed Scatz.

I saw Debbie Deb there too.

The folks in the following two pics remained with me nearly all night.



Towards the end of the night, a crowd of rock listeners entered.  One of them was a dude I remembered from Lake Howell High School.  I also seen him sing in local bands.

David Minshew

David Minshew

After posting that pic on Facebook, David wrote this comment.

David Minshew comment

I ended the night with “Love Will Tear Us Apart” by Joy Division.

I enjoyed myself.  Hopefully, I can play at Li’l Indies again sometime soon.

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3 Comments on “Performing A Saturday Night DJ Gig at Orlando’s Li’l Indies”

  1. westwood Says:

    Seems like a really cool, diverse crowd you draw in!

  2. […] After performing here before, tonight was my second time. […]

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