Friends Cheer Me Up With Booty Pics

Recently, I went on a Facebook rant about Photoshopped booty, something I strongly detest.  For one thing, imagine a teenaged girl seeing a booty pic.  Now, she desires to own a booty like the one that isn’t even real.

I “borrowed” this image and posted it on Facebook.

fake booty

Seeing my booty rants, two buddies posted booty pics on my Facebook page.  They did it to cheer me up.

This one is from long-time friend Tony Cornell.


This one was posted the other day by Greg Hayden, another long time friend.  Last time I seen a white girl with an ass like this, she wore a Mohawk and had red hair.

white girl with big booty

Gotta love friends.

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4 Comments on “Friends Cheer Me Up With Booty Pics”

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  2. Big D Says:

    whats the name of the standing up blonde?

  3. […] Friends Cheer Me Up with Booty Pics Friends cheer me up with booty pics after my complaining about the evils of fake […]

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