A Fun Saturday Night at Downtown Orlando’s The Beacham

Last Saturday night, I headed to Downtown Orlando’s The Beacham.

Outside The Beacham

Mostly African-Americans patronize The Beacham on Saturdays.  Being black myself, I owned no problems with that.  Yet, get this: the DJ was a white guy.

The age thing was a different story.  Being someone over forty, I was hoping I didn’t stand out too much among the crowd of mostly twenty-somethings.  I just wanted to blend in and be left alone.

As the DJ played on the stage, a female hyped the crowd on the mic.  Two female dancers were onstage also.

Inside The Beacham

As I observed the young ladies, I kept thinking about the sexist lyrics of 2 Chainz’s “Birthday Song”.

All I want for my birthday is a big booty ho.

Plenty of 2 Chainz’s birthday women were in the place.  Well, I wouldn’t actually call some woman I don’t know a ho.  Yet, the big booty was definitely present.

Sometime during the night, a young white girl accidentally bumped into my foot.  She looked around 21, wore a black dress and was with another white female.

When I looked her in the eye, the young white girl winked at me.  It might’ve been just a friendly wink.  Yet, I could not get over this fact.  Out of all the women on this predominately black night, a white girl young enough to be my daughter is the one who winks at me.  Sometimes, I think nobody but me runs into these kinds of ironic situations.  Still, like I mentioned before, that might have been just a friendly wink, and nothing else.

Inside The Beacham 2

When I DJ, I play the whole song.  Yet, a popular trend is playing only parts of the song and move on.  When I first witnessed DJs doing that, I found it annoying. I’m more tolerant towards it now.

Tonight, the kids didn’t seem to mind the trend.

As I love most current hip-hop, there was one song I definitely didn’t want to hear tonight, that damned Trinidad James song.

Gold all in my chain/ Gold all in my ring/ Gold all in my watch…

I don’t know.  True enough, the song is addictive.  You can’t stop thinking about it.  Yet, when will hip-hop get tired of bling-bling lyrics?

For most of the time, I enjoyed myself.  I left before the place closed.  Yet, I could see my forty-something self coming back. By the way, I wasn’t the only old school dude there that night.

For a good time and seeing 2 Chainz’s birthday women, I would recommend going to The Beacham on a Saturday night.

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2 Comments on “A Fun Saturday Night at Downtown Orlando’s The Beacham”

  1. Alright, i’ll Ask… Could an “approaching middle thirties” Caucasian gentleman enjoy this evening?

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