Broker Than Usual Broke-Ass Fridays

Last Night, Little Fish – Huge Pond hosted another Broke-Ass Friday event.

Broke-Ass Friday 1-4-2013

Due to rent and mortgage, folks are usually broke the first of the month, inspiring the name Broke-Ass Fridays.  Usually, the Narragansett draft is ten dollars all you can drink.  Tonight it was reduced to eight dollars.

For new readers, Little Fish is located a forty-five minute drive from Orlando.

In the beginning, I started off with Grooveshark, a music website.



Normally, I don’t like playing streaming music, too many past experiences with laptop freezes.  Yet, I got lazy and formed a playlist containing indie dance music and underground hip-hop.

About an hour later, I started mixing for real.

Most of the night, I played hip-hop.  I did mix other genres like pop, rock and EDM.  Yet, here’s why I kept it mostly hip-hop: hip-hop is today’s dominant music.  People who you wouldn’t suspect of enjoying hip-hop loves the hell out of it, including many white people.

For those complaining about the commercialization of hip-hop, the DJ’s job is to somehow expose people to the better stuff.  That’s what I did in the beginning when I played songs off Grooveshark.

Still, I was in shock.  It never occurred to me how dominant hip-hop has become.  When I played Kendrick Lemar’s “Swimming Pools”, the whole bar went, “Drank….drank….drank.”  (Truth be known, it was young white kids who exposed this black DJ to that song.)

This don't have shit to do with the story.  I photographed it with my iPhone during my gig. Artwork by Morgan Steele.

This don’t have shit to do with the story. I photographed it with my iPhone during my gig. Artwork by Morgan Steele.


Hate it or love it, hip-hop has come a long way.  When it first arrived on the scene in the 70s, some claimed it a fad that was soon going  die.  Well, you know how it is.  Some folks just don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.




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