Drinkin’ and Chillin’ Before Doomsday Arrives

Last Thursday, I drove to Orlando’s Mills Avenue.  I figured I rather drink and chill with friends as Doomsday arrives at 12 am.  I’m quite sure readers already heard of ancient Mayan’s predicting Doomsday’s arrival.

First spot I hit was Wally’s.  I was there to see Bad Santa and the Angry Elves.

Bad Santa at Wally's

It was too damned crowded to get decent photos.  Last year, I wrote a blog about them.

I did manage to get photos of other folks.

Clockwise from left to right: Michele Lane, Crystal Buchanon, Kaleigh Baker, Erin Nolan and Milka Ramos.

Milka Ramos, Michèle Lane, Crystal Buchanan, Erin Nolan and Kaleigh Baker.

With the exception of Crystal, these ladies are local musicians and singers.

Jeffee and Joesph Martins: Jeffee is a jungle/drum-n-bass DJ.  Joseph plays the guitar.

Jeffee and Joseph Martens


Jerry Johnson, Jessica Pawli and Jeffee: Jerry is a DJ and Jessica is one of Orlando’s best event promoters.

Jerry Johnson, Jessica Pawli and Jeffee Jungle.


Next, I crossed the street and walked to Lil’ Indies.  Every Thursday, DJs play 90s hip-hop and soul.

Mills Ave 12-20-2012 033


Crystal and Joshua: Crystal bar-tends at West End in Sanford, a forty-five minute drive from Orlando.  Joshua is a Sanford musician.

Crystal and beau


Next, I walked next door to Will’s Pub.

Masked Mannequin


Dude with the hat and beard is Will Walker, owner of both Lil’ Indies and Will’s Pub.

Will Walker and friends


Next I drove to Peacock Room.

DJ Will Roc and Jeffee

DJ Will Rock and Jeffee


Of course, Doomsday didn’t arrive.  The closest thing was rain.

Mills Ave 12-20-2012 045


When it comes to Orlando, I prefer Mills Avenue: cool people and free parking.

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