Another Two DJ Gigs in One Night

Last Friday night, I DJed two gigs. This usually happens once a month.  First, I played my regular happy hour gig at the Peacock Room, located in Orlando, Florida.

Recently, I’ve been performing with this sound system.

Peacock 11-30 and Vinyl Night 12-5-2012 005

No, it ain’t mine. It belongs to Phil Longo, the Peacock Room employee who books me.

In the past, I only used the top speaker.

Peacock 11-30 and Vinyl Night 12-5-2012 007

The sub-woofer is a recent addition.  Tod, Peacock’s main sound guy, thought of this.

Peacock 11-30 and Vinyl Night 12-5-2012 004

For those that didn’t know, bass should always be on the floor or somewhere near it.

As you can see, happy hour regulars take care of me when I play their requests.

Peacock and Little Fish 12-7-2012 011

I always use a clear plastic container for a tip jar.  A clear container gains more tips than an unclear one.  Also, I wouldn’t recommend using glass containers.  If they break, you or someone may receive a nasty cut.

After my happy hour gig, the automobile and I cruised the forty-five minute drive to Little Fish – Huge Pond, located in Sanford.  Little Fish hosted another Broke-Ass Friday event.


Due to rent and mortgage payments, many folks are broke during the first of the month, inspiring the name “Broke-Ass Friday”.

This time the night involved a charity event.  Right along with food being sold, a toy drive happened also.

Peacock and Little Fish 12-7-2012 013

The foggy night inspired this photo.

Peacock and Little Fish 12-7-2012 015

When doing these two-gig nights, I think of British DJ Carl Cox.

If I remember correctly, he does something similar.  After one gig, he’s sometimes off to another in the same day or night.  I think that’s how I remember it.

Anyway, because of my own schedule, I’ll just call myself the Carl Cox of Central Florida.

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