The Party at Peacock Room


Last Friday, another Happy Hour gig at Peacock Room happened.

For new readers, Peacock Room is located in Orlando, Florida.

First, I shall tell what happened earlier during the evening.  In the beginning, I played a mixture of 80s and 70s.

Then, two young ladies approached me.

“Um…I like the music you’re playing,” one said, sounding like a typical, annoying, air head. “But…um…this request is going to be a stretch for you.  This is…um…going to be out of your range.”

“If it’s out my range,” I started. “Why are you asking me in the first place?”

She remained silent for a few moments.

I was being a dick on purpose.  I don’t mind requests.  Yet, I hate folks asking me for requests outside the genre I’m currently playing, especially when they don’t tip.

“Because…um…she’s going to dance to it,” the young lady said as she nodded to her friend.

By now, many of you may think I was talking to a white young lady.   Nope, the young lady possessed olive skin, suggesting she might be a Latina.

“What’s the song?” I asked.

“Wobble,” she said.

“I have it,” I answered.

“You’re going to play it next?”


As for asking me if I’m going to play it next, I hate that kind of shit too, especially when they don’t tip.

True to the young lady’s word, they danced when I played “Wobble” by Vic.

After my Happy Hour, The Party happened, an event involving three DJs.


Casey Van Buren.


DJ Mo: I didn’t know it at the time.  Tonight was his birthday.


It was her birthday too.


Cub. Not only a good DJ, but a damned good sound man, too.


Next week, after my happy hour, Bad Santa and the Angry Elves will be playing.  After seeing them and blogging about them before, I’m excited.

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