Adam Ant’s Wonderful

For some reason, I woke up thinking about Adam Ant’s”Wonderful”.

Growing up in the eighties, I always found myself jealous of Adam Ant.  All the girls loved the pirate-dressed, punk rocker.

So, when the black girls thought he was cute too, imagine the damaging effect this did on a skinny, adolescent, African-American male.

Still, I always liked Adam Ant’s music.  Never a huge fan, but still liked it.  During DJ sets, I sometimes play “Strip” and “Goody Two Shoes”.

I wasn’t familiar with “Wonderful”.  During an 80s night I DJed, someone requested the song and I didn’t have it.

Later on, I found “Wonderful” and included it  in my MP3 library.  After hearing it, I vaguely remembered the song.

The album of the same name was actually released in 1995.  Yep, someone requested this  90s song on an 80s night.  Don’t you love it when people don’t stick to the theme?

The song threw me for a loop.  After remembering songs like “Strip”,  I didn’t expect what I heard on “Wonderful”.

Did I tell you how much I miss
Your sweet kiss?
Did I tell you I didn’t cry?
Well I lied
I lie lie lied
Over real over
When I nearly hit the face I loved
So tired of packaging the anger
Always pushing you away

Plus the song contains an acoustic guitar playing.

Truth be known, I would write poetry like that once in a blue moon.  Yet, I rarely read it out in public.  Besides, the lyrics in “Wonderful” are a whole lot better versus what I would write.  Seriously, I could not see myself reading poems about missing some woman’s sweet kiss.  Hell no, not in public.  I’ll let Adam Ant do it.

Besides, the girls still think he’s cute.   Adam Ant recently performed a concert here in Central Florida.   After seeing all the female Facebook posts, my jealousy ran high again.  Oh well, I still like his music.

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