Fuck 80s Night!

Next time someone tells me they love 80s music, I’m cursing them the fuck out.

Why am I so bitter?  After hearing people requesting 80s music all the time during my DJ gigs, a night dedicated to the 80s happened last night.

And few people showed. For the few who did attend, they have my deepest appreciation.

Yet, what really pulled my testicles was this: the ones declaring their love for the music didn’t show.

Now, I’m beginning to see the light.  When folks say they love 80s music so much, they really just want me to cater to them all night. To make the evening theirs, they snatch the 80s out of their ass.

Truth be known, this could have been any genre.  Folks could have easily pulled the same shit about 70s music.

I wonder if younger DJs receive requests for 80s music.  Or is 80s requests something older DJs like me receive.  Older people aren’t the only ones who ask for it.  Younger people do too, especially the women.

To be fair, the Presidential debates happened last night.  Although we didn’t watch it in the bar, I later read on the Internet about Romney fuckin’ with Big Bird.

I hope Big Bird kicks his ass.


Also, the rest of our small downtown seemed slow too.

Who knows? Maybe, we just picked the wrong time to choose an 80s night.  Next month, we’re going to give it another go.  If that fails, I don’t want to hear no more shit about loving the 80s.

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2 Comments on “Fuck 80s Night!”

  1. No breasts, no requests.
    Got breasts? Still no requests.

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