Musicians I Resemble

Over the years, folks always mention me resembling someone.

First, here’s my high school senior year photo.

After seeing that, the first thing some folks mention is Ready for the World, an 80s and early 90s group known for the song “Oh Sheila.”  One person indicated my photo resembled lead singer Melvin Riley Jr.

When it comes to resembling him, I’ll let the readers judge.

This is me at age 23.

Folks used to call me Babyface.

Again, I’ll let the readers judge.

Here’s me again.

Around 2010, folks started calling me Will I Am.  They still do too.

Again, I’ll let the readers judge.  Ironically, Will and I both have birthdays in March.

Last but not least is something originating in Central Florida.

This is me again.

For years, local folks always confused me with local rapper and national recording act, Swamburger.

I’ll let the readers judge that one too.

For nearly fifteen years, white folks still confuse us.

I don’t know.  I guess I just have that face, whatever that means.

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One Comment on “Musicians I Resemble”

  1. […] In a previous blog, I talked about how folks say my high school photo resembles the lead singer. […]

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