Skrillex Versus Daft Punk

Recently, I saw this photo posted on Facebook.

I really don’t know what ignoramus created this.  Yet, I traced the original poster as Sadhu, a DJ from Berlin.  Just because he posted it, doesn’t mean he agrees with it.

Looking at the photo makes me wonder if this was a joke.  Was the author really this stupid?  Did they even know Daft Punk’s history during the 90s?  I don’t have anything against Skrillex.  Yet, every time someone asks me for dubstep, why do they always ask for him?  At least, ask for Nero, the other popular dubstep act people always ask for.

Then, again, I’m reminded of another meme I recently found on the internet.

Yep, the author of the first meme may have been that fuckin’ stupid.

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16 Comments on “Skrillex Versus Daft Punk”

  1. Great. After seeing that I now I have blood coming out of my ears and smell toast.

  2. Foldable disco Says:

    Uses Dre beats… Superior??? I’ll hope that Scrillex gets them for free… Daft punk copied a lot of music but those were from the time Deadmau5 didn’t excised or was cruisin’ around in a Bugaboo.

  3. Kool post. But hey! dafts were first. Legends!
    Word up!

  4. Tharindu Maneesha Says:

    new brostep guy vs THE GOD OF ELECTRONIC MUSIC???
    fuck, tht’s 1 of the best, but most fuckin’ annoyin’ jokes eva!!!
    #DaftPunkFTW !!!

  5. SonnyMoore Says:

    Oh man, I don’t like this, I love Skrillex, but Daft Punk is amazing too!

  6. […] Skrillex Versus Daft Punk: A silly-assed meme I found on […]

  7. john Says:

    Wow!! …I think that you need documented before to public anything. When the Dubstep was born, Skrillex only was a child. When Daft Punk began to their own songs Deasmau5 only was a child also! …I’m sure that you are a teen that starts to test this genre, and do you think that you discovered the water warm!

  8. Paul Says:

    Uh… you guys do realize that the first meme was supposed to be sarcastic right?

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