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Thick Body Curves

August 8, 2012

Finally hooked up with my favorite soul singer.

Dreamed about her thick body curves for years.

Finally my arms are wrapped around her

…and it feels good.


Realizing she really isn’t all that pretty

without  make-up.

I don’t give a shit.

Just happy she broke-up

with her ugly-assed husband.


The alarm clock rings.

Another one of those fuckin’ dreams.

Last time, it was a curvy movie star.

Ain’t this a bitch?

Losing Two DJ Gigs

August 7, 2012

Looks like I lost two DJ gigs…least hopefully for awhile.  Tuesday and Wednesday nights, I gig at Little Fish-Huge Pond in Sanford, Florida.  At the beginning of this month, the bar was scheduled to open in its new location.  That didn’t happen.  The bar isn’t at its old location either, meaning I have no gigs in Sanford.


I still have my Happy Hour spot in Orlando.  Yet, I’m going to miss the money I used to make in Sanford.

Good thing I had the foresight to save my pennies and find other spots for gigs.  Depending on one spot just isn’t wise.  You never know when you can all of a sudden lose it.

I really don’t know Little Fish’s future.  If it never opens again, I’m going to miss the spot that ignited my DJ career.

Happy Hour and Broke-Ass Friday

August 5, 2012

Last Friday, I DJed two gigs in one night again.  First, I headed to The Peacock Room for The Friday Happy Hour.  Again, guitarist Luciano Sky performed Brazilian songs.

Many people attended the Happy Hour.  Actually, more than I saw before.

Normally, I play songs until 10 PM.  Yet, I had my next gig to attend.  Around 9;30, the automobile and I cruised the forty-five minute drive from Orlando to Sanford.  In Sanford, Little Fish-Huge Pond held the monthly Broke-Ass Friday event.

Because of rent or mortgage payments, folks are usually broke the first of the month.  That’s how the night earned its named.

Little Fish was scheduled to be in its new location.  That didn’t happen. So, the night remained at the old bar.  Still, everything (including my sound system) was at the other location.  Shane went to that bar and grabbed me the stereo receiver.  From there, I created a passable set-up.

Me and my buddy Keith.

As I sat behind it, I felt wind from the speaker as it bumped heavy bass.  (Is it me? Or does this look like a sad hospital patient with a tube coming out his or her nose?)

For awhile, the night was going good…until someone knocked a chord out of the socket.  Of course, that turned off my sound system and laptop.

Because I knew it was a harmless accident, I felt no anger.

As I fixed things, Harry and Keith played on the piano located behind the bar.

Soon, things were back to normal.

Being the booty lover I am, this attracted my attention all night.

She was with a friend of mine, the lucky muthafucka.

I do the double shift once a month.  Stressful it can be.  On the drive from Orlando to Sanford, I attempt my damnedest  not to attract cops.  Then, when I hit Little Fish, I have to locate parts for my system and set-up.  Still, I enjoy it.

Sock Hop Mondaze

August 1, 2012

Last Monday at The Peacock Room, I experienced the ironic.

First, mid-fifties to early-sixties music played.    Also, the majority of the patrons looked to be born in the 1980s. I was born in 1969.  As the music was older than me, the patrons were younger.

That night, I experienced Sock Hop Mondaze, a weekly event happening every Monday night at The Peacock Room.

From what I was told, the night once existed in Orlando’s Downtown area.  Then, for over a year, it moved around until it eventually landed at The Peacock Room.  There it earned the attention of Orlando Weekly’s Bao Le-Huu, who wrote positively about it in his This Little Underground column.

Much  of the  music were recordings by African-Americans, a cool thing because we still live in the era of over-hyping white musicians who perform “black” music. At least this night gave African-American artists  overdue exposure.

As for the DJ, what really goes on is a playlist playing off a laptop. I don’t remember anyone being near the laptop. Yet, folks had a good time and danced to the music anyway.

An ironic experience.  Yet, I liked it.