Art and Photos From DJ My Gigs III

First, as usual, we look at the art folks created during my DJ gigs.

This one is the work of two artists.


The second one goes way beyond political correctness.  Yet, I shall post it any way.  I think this was more of a personal beef than something racial.


Next are photos  from both my Tuesday and Wednesday night DJ gigs at Little Fish-Huge Pond.

As my photos illustrate, the nights attract a diverse crowd.  Yet, it got back to me someone complained about me playing hip hop.

Here’s my views on that.  First, the complainer had the opportunity to request what they wanted to hear.  Just because I’m black doesn’t mean I only play hip hop.  Yes, I play other genres, even rock.  Second, check the music charts.  Hip hop always exists in the Top 40 now, meaning many folks want to hear it. Third, people have to learn to be more tolerant towards other music.   It annoys the hell out of me when some people attempt centering the night around them and their friends, all because they’re too close-minded to appreciate other forms of music.  Close-minded people need to stay the fuck away from my nights.

Haters are a good thing.  No haters mean I’m doing a shitty job.  I guess what I’m doing must be damned good.



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