Two DJ Gigs in One Night

Last night, I first DJed at The Peacock Room’s Happy Hour, a weekly event happening every Friday between 6:30 to 9:30.  I no longer DJ at the bar counter like I used to.  Now, I play music at a table.

Photo by Michael Pierre


Of course, a Peacock Night is not complete without my friend, Mindy Weller.  This is the first time I saw her in a dress.


These two beautiful faces I am beginning to see more and more at The Peacock Room.


For those that don’t know, The Peacock Room is in Orlando, Florida.

At 9:20, the automobile and I cruised the forty minute drive on SR 17-92 to Sanford.

My destination? Little Fish-Huge Pond’s Broke-Ass Friday, an event happening the first Friday of the month.  After rent and mortgage payments, folks are usually broke.

Photo by Jimmy Lebrun


There was only one annoyance.  A group of Sanford’s “elite” was there.  During my mixture of soul classics, one of them asked me to play Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind”.  Also, the requester told me it was her friend’s favorite song.

After my planning to play the song next, Sanford’s “elite” began leaving.  When the song did come on, the one who the song was for stayed.  She even encouraged the others to stay.

They left after that song, and didn’t even tip me. This is why I don’t believe in tax breaks for the wealthy. After going out of my way for Sanford’s “elite”, did any money “trickle down” into my tip bucket?

Yet, most of the night, I had fun.


A heated argument happened at the end of the night. Yet, it was diffused before a fight broke out.  On my nights, fights rarely happen.  As for the bars were mostly white people go? Well, that’s a different story.


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