Orlando’s Milk District

Last Saturday night, I performed a DJ gig in Orlando’s Milk District.

Why the name “Milk District”?  Because this business section exists behind the TG Lee milk company.

My gig happened at Sandwich Bar, a joint owned by Mathew Scot.

Due to a schedule conflict, my gig almost received a cancellation. A private graduation party happened. Still, because the party ended around 12, Mathew allowed me to “spin” anyway.

Because I came early, I dropped off my gear at Sandwich Bar and  took a walk down The Milk District.

Next door, Spacebar held a weekly event called Bring Your Own Vinyl.

Each person brings in five records to spin.

After a short stay, I left and continued walking down The Milk District.

The Milk Bar: I drunk beer here twice before. The people are usually cool.

Sports Town Billiards: I think I’ve been here twice. I don’t know how long the joint existed here. I’m guessing over two decades.

Bull & Bush, an English pub:  2004 was the last time I was here.  Folks here are usually friendly also.

I walked back to Sandwich Bar.

Sandwich Bar contains the best sound I ever worked with.

First, I gave credit to the speakers located high above in the corners.


Yet, Mathew (also known as DJ Tard) explained the system even more.

I noticed the photos on the wall.

Yet, I never thought anything of the wall itself.  For sound, cork was placed on the walls on purpose.

Then, there was the ceiling. I forgot what these were called. Yet, special cloth is used for sound purposes also.

After the low-attended party, a few people remained.  I kind of screwed up, tho.  Because the previous two DJs (both women) played mostly house music, I attempted following with house and dance music.  I kept screwing up with the crossover fades.  Then, someone asked me to play “Diamond Girl”, an 80s club tune by Nice N Wild.  Interesting enough, back in the 80s, I saw that same group in a club located not too far from The Milk District.   It’s now known as Roxy’s.  Back then it was known as Scats.   “Diamond Girl” saved my DJ gig.

Next, I played more Latin Freestyle music.  Some women danced to it.

Next, another guy asked me to play Morrisey.  I guess some folks wouldn’t expect a black man to have Morrissey.  Yet, I played Morrissey’s “Suedehead”.

During my last half hour, I started a hip-hop set with The Root’s “You Got Me”.

Because of my flexibility with music, Mathew invited me back for more Saturday nights.  I’m game.

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