Tip The Damned DJ!

Many times I mention tips in my blogs.  Recently, I learned the tipping culture mostly exists as an American thing.

No, this ain’t me. This is a guy I ran across at a Downtown Orlando pool party.

In this blog, I’ll discuss the DJ culture involving tips. Many times during gigs, I place a black, plastic, tip bucket next to my gear.  On it, in big letters, says the words “DJ Tips”.  Normally, I don’t ask patrons for tips.  If a patron buys me a drink, I’m usually cool with that.  Yet, when some people begin making request after request, I bring the subject up.  If you’re going to play someone like a jukebox, at least put some money in “the slot”.  Also, usually when I bring the subject up, the constant requesters look at me as if I’m speaking a foreign language.  I know damned well most of the fluent Ebonics I speak is not that hard to understand, even when I’m talking to someone white.

Speaking of race, of all the stereotypes about black people and tipping, would you believe black people have been some of the better tippers?  White people and Latinos tip well too.  So do Asians. Yet, some segments of the white population can’t comprehend tipping.  Usually, it’s the young ones who buy the cheapest drinks. Yet, they sure know how to ask the DJ to change the format and/or request music all damned night.

Some people believe a DJ shouldn’t receive tips.  Why the hell not? If the bartenders receive tips for watered-down, mixed drinks, why not the person providing music?

It appears as if the latest trend is dis the DJs, especially the ones who use a laptop. Yet, as people accuse DJs of not being real artists, “real artists” don’t receive tips either. Ask local bands how much tip money they receive during gigs. Some receive just as much as a DJ or even far less.  Also, some cheapskates even refuse paying the entrée fee to see “real artists”.

So, how much should a person tip a DJ? For each song, a dollar should do it.  Those who tip me a dollar and ask for song after song all night annoy me.  That ain’t showing real gratitude.  That’s being fuckin’ cheap.  Reminds me of the metal head, who after kept requesting music involving growling lead singers, he tipped me sixty cents.

Even if it’s just five people in the room (which happens with me a lot), the DJ has to make sure everyone is happy.  No matter how special you think you are, you are not the fuckin’ center of the universe.  So, when the DJ goes out of their way for you, a tip means you appreciate them doing that.

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