Tittie Scenes and Bad Brothas

Last Wednesday night was another DJ gig at Little Fish-Huge Pond. A blaxploitation movie filled the bar’s big screen television with nude titties of different ethnicities and some brotha getting revenge on Whitey.  I forgot the movie’s title. I think it was called One Bad Mother.

Can U dig it?

As we watched subtitles, I added soundtrack with 70s funk and soul.  The people in the bar loved the music. Some even made requests. Some dude tipped me.

When the movie ended, we attempted watching it again. Yet, because we couldn’t find the DVD controller, we watched the DVD’s trailers instead, trailers involving more titties of different ethnicities and more brothas getting revenge on Whitey.

As time passed, the trailers degenerated from risqué to down right nasty.  I’m talking the down right nasty a person would see on HBO after midnight. At first, the trailers were just seventies naked titties. Then, it turned into 80s naked girls eatin’ coochie. The 80s movies had the VHS home video look. Also, the coochie eatin’ wasn’t actually shown. What the viewer saw was the back of a girl’s head as she ate coochie, the same way HBO shows it.  And I still kept playing 70s funk and soul.

As the nastiness continued, the owner turned the DVD off.  Fear of Sanford police causing trouble inspired the shutdown.

My buddy Matt witnessed the whole thing with me.  Together we might ask for more tittie movies to be played, minus the HBO element.  Who knows, we could be on to something.

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2 Comments on “Tittie Scenes and Bad Brothas”

  1. Kool E Says:

    ha ha haaaa

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