The Final Club Queso at Peacock Room

After attending Orlando’s Soul Train tribute, I later cruised the automobile to Peacock Room. There Club Queso took place.  Back in the middle of the last decade, I photographed these house music events for my friend Tania Bernard, one of Peacock’s events people and bartender.

Tonight was Club Queso’s final night at Peacock Room.

Michael Donaldson AKA Q-Burns

In the middle is local photographer and friend of mine, Marcus Adkins.

Check out the tattoo. She’s a Pisces like me.

Yea, I know. Photographing women’s posteriors is sexist.  Yet, some habits are hard to kill.

Shelly Richards: On Thursdays I work with this bartender during Peacock Room’s Ladies’ Happy Hour.

On the right is local DJ, Atnarko Bear.

On the right is DJ Will Roc. He spins mostly new wave music.

The guy on the mic is Chuck Love.

Outside Peacock Room existed Hard Wok, a food truck owned by my buddies Chris Kettner AKA DJ Spank and Pete Langlois AKA Angry Asian.

The menu contained food named after rock musicians.  I had the delicious Axel Rose Calamari Taco.

I asked what the damage was. One of them gave me a look that ceased my talk about paying.

After one more pic, I headed home.

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