Garden Shop Onion

Shopping in store’s garden area.
Spotted a nice juicy onion.

Not the vegetable.
Talking about a female’s wonderful posterior.
The kind that inspires black-on-black violence.
So round and juicy.
Fingers itching for a pinch,
a squeeze,
a hand full of ass.

Read somewhere the more ass,
the more intelligent a woman may be.
Brains and booty.
I can dig that.

Almost forgot I came to buy a gardenia shrub.

Went home thinking about that onion.
Went to bed thinking about that onion.
Next day, told everybody on Facebook
about that onion.

Might write a blog about it.
Might write a poem about it.
Going to fantasize for days about it.

Onions one of main reasons I DJ.
Wanna see them shake and wiggle to my nasty song selections.

Going back next week for another gardenia.
Wonder how the onions would look.

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2 Comments on “Garden Shop Onion”

  1. I love this poem and its message and just wanted to share science to back up the love of a good sized boooty

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