Friends And Fun

At last Tuesday’s gig, a birthday party was happening.  I knew about it ahead of time.  Yet, because the patrons previously attended my Wednesday night gig at the same bar, I expected a Wednesday night party.

I didn’t get Birthday Girl’s  name. Yet, she was a quiet Latina going on age 34.  I say quiet because I rarely ever saw her talking.

“I could play whatever you want,” I told her.

Mary J. Blige and Method Man

I don’t remember exactly what she said.  Yet, she seemed already pleased by my choice in 80s/90s hip-hop and soul.  I played folks like Sybil and the DOC.  People really loved it when I played Method Man and Mary J  Blige’s “All I Need.“  Noticing Birthday Girl was with other thirty-something Latinas, I also snuck in some Latin freestyle.

I already saw her cake. Yet, another cake showed up.

Damn, she’s lucky, I thought. I assumed Birthday Girl was receiving two cakes.

Something else came to mind. Yet, I brushed the thought aside.

Then, Los Garcia came to my booth.

“Turn the music down,” he told me.

He then faced the crowd.

“Ladies and gentleman, we have another birthday in the house.  DJ Stone Crazy!”

Actually, I’m turning forty-three on Sunday.  Still, Los was telling the truth.

The other cake was brought to me as everyone sung Happy Birthday.

I almost cried.  Earlier, I wondered if the second cake was for me. Yet, I didn’t think it was.

Them buying me a cake showed how much they truly appreciated me.

From left to right: Me, Los Garcia and Jimmy Lebrun.


The next night at the same bar, I played mostly 80s/90s pop, music like Men Without Hat’s “Safety Dance”.   As the night progressed, I slipped into 90s dance music.

Towards the end of the night, four young women entered the bar. Later on, I found out two were college spring breakers.

One of the four, a non-spring breaker, asked for Delight’s “Groove is in the Heart”, a song I had already played.  Yet, I played again.

All four women started dancing.  Sick of old school, I went into LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It”.  One of the college girl’s began shaking her money maker.  Truth be know, all of them dance.  Yet, the curly, brown-haired girl was more animated.  Hell, I even played Lil Jon and The Eastside Boys’ “Get Low”.  On the wiggle with it part, the animated girl actually wiggled her booty, a nice juicy booty. She even looked at me and said,” I Love You.”

I didn’t take pictures or videotape this.  Imagine your daughter having fun and some forty-something pervert photographs or films her.  Then, he puts it on the Internet for other perverts to watch. Me personally, I would want to deck the fucker.  Besides, some of my childhood friends have daughters that are college-aged.

So, I decided to just enjoy the show.


In a past blog, I complained about an annoying situation involving women, a situation inspiring me to say, “I don’t care if dudes predominate the night.”  I take that back.  I truly wish women would predominate my nights.  When it’s more of them, the nights tend to be more fun.  At least, the women dance.  And when the women are having fun, most dudes are happy.  So, everybody wins when women predominate the night.

Don’t get it twisted.  Last thing I want is a meat market night, a night attracting douche bags with no people skills.  Not only do they fuck up with the women, douche bags also try telling the DJ what to play. Lastly, when they don’t get any play, they start fights with dudes who do. Nope, I do not want a meat market night. I want a night where women feel safe and everyone have fun.

I didn’t expect the birthday cake or some college girl saying she loves me. (I think love meant appreciation versus romance.)  Still, it proves my DJ skills pleases people.  I don’t know how long I’ll be doing the DJ thing. Right now, I’ll enjoy it for all its worth.

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