The Old School Sound Continues

At last Tuesday’s DJ gig, a big hole was in the ceiling. Under the hole sat an aluminum tub, the kind you place beer and ice into. Already, nasty water filled the tub, nasty water from the tenants living above the bar.

My friend, Berrie Freeman, was celebrating her birthday with friends.

Ignoring the ceiling, I started the night with Erykah Badu’s “On and On”. Next, I went to “Breezin’” by George Benson.

Noticing the finger-tapping and head-nodding, I continued on this vibe.

Soon I entered faster-paced music, mostly soul.

Next, I received a twelve dollar tip for honoring a Terrance Trent D’Arby request, the song “Sign Your Name”. (For the record, Mr. D’ Arby legally changed his name to Sananda Francesco Maitreya.)

The former Terrence Trent D'Arby

Then, I flipped the scrip and entered 80’s new wave territory with Yaz’s “Situation”.

“Hell yea,” a dude replied.

This same guy asked for some Depeche Mode. Honoring that request, I played “Behind The Wheel”, a personal favorite. Folk began dancing. Just to be funny, I next played Erasure’s “Chains of Love”.

“That’s the most gayest song ever,” another guy replied, the same one who tipped me twelve dollars. Then, he started dancing with his female friend.  I think dude was Berrie’s husband, but I wasn’t sure.

Soon, I slipped in some Public Enemy. People enjoyed that too.

As I played older music, I still was open for current music requests.  On that note, I fulfilled a Florence and the Machine request.

Around one, Berrie and crew left. The last hour turned into requests for current hip-hop.  One song that still stays with me is “Dance (A$$)” by Big Sean. I guess it’s the dance…ass….ass part.

Just like  last week, I made more money spinning this vibe. I won’t label the night or anything.  Yet, I’ll just continue with what I’m doing.

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2 Comments on “The Old School Sound Continues”

  1. westwood Says:

    Florence = awesome.

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