Exploitation Night: Chained White Woman, Stuffed Wild Bikini and 80s Teen Sex

Last night’s DJ gig contained ups and downs.  After taking a walk to the riverfront and back to the bar, I joined the rest of the patrons in viewing Black Snake Moan.  Now, that’s my kind of movie for Black History month, a black man chaining a white woman. 

“Chain that white woman!” I yelled.

Apparently, by the look on his face, this upset an uppity gay patron, a fifty-something white  guy I never liked.  All I did was yell testing in the mic one night, and this idiot looked at me and left the bar.

When he left during Black Snake Moan, I said this to a patron, “He’s just mad because Samuel L. Jackson didn’t put him in chains.”

As I enjoyed the movie, tonight’s low attendance worried me.   Earlier,  rain heavily poured all over Central Florida. Media thunderstorm alerts happened too.

After the movie, I started playing 80s new wave/punk.  Actually, it was a sixty minute mix I had playing.  Because we had five people in the bar, three patrons with the owner and I, I didn’t feel like doing anything.  So, I played one of my mixes, a mix including New Order, Yaz and Erasure.

Around ten,  things did start picking up.  By this time, How To Stuff A Wild Bikini was showing, a sixties beach movie starring Annette Funicello.

With the music, I stayed 80s. Yet, when a Hispanic group including dudes and ladies walked in, I shifted into 80s soul.  As I did this, I found out one of the ladies was a Prince fan.  Oh yea, some of the folks in this crew were friends of mine.

After the beach movie, a teen tittie movie played, one involving the typical teen male trying to get laid as the movie shows plenty of tittie scenes . These movies were extremely popular during the eighties.  Because I was under 17 at the time, I had to wait for these R-rated beauties to hit the video store.  Plus our apartment complex didn’t have cable yet.   Presently, all you have to do now is turn on Netflix and presto! Instant tittie movie!

After that movie, another tittie movie showed, one I never saw but I recognized the title: Hardbodies. Matt,a dude around my age, requested this.  Daniel, our twenty-something friend, sat next to Matt at the bar counter.

I mentioned something about Matt corrupting youth.

“Hey, I’m just introducing him to Hardbodies,” Matt said.

For awhile, I went to 90s hip-hop, something I overdid.  Then, I played current hip-hop and shifted to what is now called Electronic Dance Music, the same thing folks used to call techno.

Before the night was over, I was told the Prince fan wanted to have a birthday party during one of my gigs.

At the night’s end, I closed with Afroman’s “Because I Got High.”  I was going to close with “Buy U A Drank”.  After playing it, I felt I had to sneak in another song.

Every Wednesday, the bar features obscure movies like Dark City.  After next week’s feature, I might request another teen tittie movie from the 80s.









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2 Comments on “Exploitation Night: Chained White Woman, Stuffed Wild Bikini and 80s Teen Sex”

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