Dirty Hip-Hop and 90’s: A Night With No Fighting


Two Saturdays ago, I DJed a birthday party at Little Fish-Huge Pond in Sanford, Florida.


It was my buddy Chris Valladares’s 33rd birthday.


As the main event was Chris’s birthday, the night was advertised as me playing dirty hip-hop and 90’s music.

Because I play old school, the 90’s part didn’t surprise me.  The dirty  part definitely did.  Truth be known, I do play some of the raunchiest music in town: “My Dick” by Mickey Avalon, “The Whisper Song” by The Ying Yang Twins and Missy Elliot’s “Work It”.  I just never saw it as a genre.  I play nasty music because women dance to it.

During this weekend, a film festival centering around short films took place, Sanford’s Show Us Your Shorts.  I assumed this contributed to the night’s packed house.

Even Sanford Mayor Jeff Triplett came by.  That’s him on the left posing with my buddy Eliot.


Speaking of the 90’s, Barrie Freeman showed up.  That’s her on the left.

Back in the 90’s along with William Waldren, Barrie owned Yab Yum coffeehouse, a Downtown Orlando spot where I once hosted poetry readings.

In this next pic, a regular showed up with her mother.


I played 90’s hip-hop during the first half of the night.  A white guy who looked a young twenty-something began making an ass of himself.

“Play Joe Budden,” he went.  Then, he started naming other current hip-hop acts.

“I’m playing 90’s, bro,” I said.

Then, he started naming 90’s act.

“Hey, is Ol’ Dirty Bastard back in jail?” he asked.

“Ol’ Dirty Bastard is dead,” I said. As of this writing, he’s been dead for over seven years.

“For real?” the guy went. “Ol’ Dirty Bastard is dead?”

“Yep,” I said.

I noticed the irony: down with hip-hop, but didn’t know Ol’ Dirty Bastard was dead.  What’s even more ironic?  These are the idiots who get jobs writing about hip-hop.  Or even worse, wind up owning hip-hop labels.

As the night went on, I noticed something else: a hip-hop night with no fighting.  Another Downtown Sanford spot always play hip-hop, and that place always have fights.  Before you get it twisted about race, mostly white people hang out at that joint.  On this night at my spot, none of that bullshit happened.


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2 Comments on “Dirty Hip-Hop and 90’s: A Night With No Fighting”

  1. […] To even illustrate more bullshit, a night actually did center around rap music. […]

  2. […] To even illustrate more bullshit, a night actually did center around rap music. […]

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