The Grotesque Burlesque Show

On this fine Saturday night in Downtown Sanford, we are going to the Grotesque Burlesque show, an event happening at Little Fish-Huge Pond.

First, we gotta get by Chris, the doorman.

Because I’m the official photographer, we’re getting in free.

Now that we’re in, let’s look at some of the artwork before the show starts.

A big bootie painting by Liz Watkins:

Tebow’s Thing:

Check out the art above the piano man.

The show is starting.

Katia DeVille as the Nun:

All right, let’s go outside for some nice, Florida, air.

The second show is about to start.

What the fuck?!

Hey, kid, quit peekin’ under the window curtains.

Even the bar owner decided to put on a show. No, she didn’t strip.

I may be out of line for saying this.  Yet, here I go.  I realize you may not see these women posing for Playboy.  Still, not one dude complained about tonight’s performance.

Time to go.

Say goodbye to the piano man.

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