A Letter To Seal

Dear Seal,

On the Internet and in the newspaper, I noticed the headlines concerning your marriage problems. Yet, I ignored reading the articles. That type of stuff just don’t interest me.

Seal and Heidi Klum

Yesterday, at the supermarket, your problems caught my attention again.  In the checkout line, I saw two magazines demonizing you, one labeling you a bullying husband and the other labeling you a cheater.

True or not, may I give you some advice, brother? During and after the divorce, keep a low profile. No need defending yourself because some folks’ minds are already made up about you. Whatever you say, some just won’t believe you. Besides, why try impressing folks who may have never liked you in the first place?

I know what the deal is. You may know it too. You married a beautiful white woman.  Not just any white woman, a BEAUTIFUL one. Damn, bro, she’s a supermodel even.  Now, that’s game. Just like with a black President, some folks just can’t stand it.

For all we know, Heidi Klum could be a bitch. Yet, the media chose to jump on you. Why? You married that beautiful white woman. The way some folks see it, Heidi wasn’t supposed to marry you. She was supposed to marry a rock guy, one of those dudes who couldn’t get laid if he wasn’t a rock star. Yet, Heidi chose you.

Your situation reminds me of a white woman I got rid of ten years ago. As her friends demonized me as the next OJ, what they didn’t see was a manipulator who wouldn’t leave me alone. After making it known I wished for her to stay out of my life (and I even threatened to kick her ass), this woman still came to poetry readings I hosted. Plus when we dated, she kept quiet about other dudes she dated. What finally got rid of her? Catching her red-handed in a lie. And no, I never raised a hand to that woman.

Keep your head up, Seal. Some of us got your back,

Yours truly,
DJ Stone Crazy

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