Douchebag Night

Last Thursday, I played my first DJ gig at SIP Orlando.  I ain’t going to front.  The event did not attract many people, something I blame myself for. Even when two Saturday openings were available, I still chose Thursday. Why?  Due to  past experiences, I always saw Friday and Saturday nights in Orlando as douchebag night.

Unlike my Sanford gig, Orlando Friday and Saturday nights tend to attract folks who enjoy bossing the DJ around.  Then again, it may have been the spot itself attracting those types versus Orlando being the actual problem.  Also, let me point out, most Orlando people behaved nicely during my gigs. I just happened to see more douchebags in Orlando versus Sanford. Yet again, it could be Orlando being bigger than small town Sanford, meaning a higher population.  The higher the population, the more likely you’ll run across douchebags.

At SIP, I played mostly eighties RnB, music intended as opening tunes.  The folks who did show up loved it.  After about two hours, I played eighties hip hop.  That didn’t go over well.  After five songs, someone requested Let The Music Play by  Shannon, and that song lit up the place. Some folks sung the lyrics. After Shannon, I played Madonna’s Into The Groove. People sung to that also.

Impressed with my mix, the two bartenders working that night promised to help promote my next gig, February 4.  And that gig happens on a Saturday.

Here’s some pics.

Local bowling team: The Harlem Bowltrotters.

Michael: My first time meeting the guy.

He twittered his friends about my mix.  He really loved it when I played The Rain by Oran “Juice” Jones. By the way, what the fuck happened to the Juice? I hadn’t seen that guy in years.

Keith Gregson: I’ve known this Irishman since the 90s. Because he reads my blogs, I of course had to include him in this one.

Franklin Rice Ratliff: An artist I’ve also known since the 90s.  At almost every art event, you would see Franklin attending.

Speaking of art, after a scheduled appearance for this event, a local artist didn’t show up.

The guy on the right is Midtown Dave, the first DJ I witnessed successfully mixing with a laptop.  Years later, I wound up doing a night with him and another DJ.

After this night, I got an e-mail from whomever is handling SIP’s Facebook page.   The message told me the two bartenders begged for me to come back.

Like I said earlier, I was granted another night, a douchebag night I’m looking forward too.

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