School of Hard Knocks

Ten years ago, I walked into Knock Knock, a Downtown Orlando bar.   An event involving folks wearing catholic school clothing took place, an event named School of Hard Knocks.  I just happened to have my camera that night.  Being a perverted heterosexual, I of course focused on the women.

Knock Knock was owned by a  guy named Carlos Gomes.

School of Hard Knocks was hosted by Shine Salon.  In the next pic, the guy licking the armpit is Shine Salon’s owner, Tony Woodley.

Almost every month the event happened.  On some nights, Tony dressed as a headmaster.

Other times, Tony dressed in drag.  No, he ain’t gay…even though, he’s a hair dresser.  He’s just a crazy Brit.

With Long Island Iced Tea in my system, I tried photographing every ounce of fun catching my eye.

Dude in the yellow shirt is Jay Marley, a DJ that later moved to Tampa.

Knock Knock changed hands in 2005 (I think).  After it’s closing, very few spots hosted the fun this joint had.  Downtown Orlando is now littered with bars containing annoying folks, the uppity kind who would look down on the School of Hard Knocks people.

Yet, I have hope.  Things work in cycles.  When the fun returns to Downtown Orlando, my camera and I will be there.

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