A New Year’s Eve DJ Gig: No Fights and No Idiots!!!

This DJ gig almost didn’t happen.  As the owner of Little Fish-Huge Pond brought New Year’s Eve to my attention, I really didn’t know what her plans where.  Also, she got the impression I didn’t want to come. Two days prior to the actual event, I became the official New Year’s Eve entertainment.

Photo by Col. Rinker

The evening evolved into one of my better nights, no fights and no idiots irritating the DJ.

In the middle is my buddy, Eric Mathews, an artist whose paintings display at Little Fish.  The couple posing with him bought one of Eric’s pieces that night.

As folks inside danced,

folks outside chilled.

I guess tonight’s photo theme was flipping the bird.

As Dick Clark’s New Year’s  played on the television, we counted down simultaneously to it.   10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1!  Happy New Year !  Then, I played Guy Lombardo’s version of Auld Lang Syne.

Speaking of music, I played a variety that night.  Current hits be damned!  I even dipped back to the 50s with Tutti Fruiti by Little Richard.  As I did receive requests for current songs, no one seemed to mind the overall mix. Folks seemed more focused  on having a nice evening.

From two reliable sources, word got back to me another Downtown Sanford bar didn’t do as expected, a bar hosting a DJ with far more advanced equipment than mine. Word has it the place was dead.

Nothing against the bar.  Besides, I’m friends with the owner.  Still, after seeing the nice crowd at my spot, I smiled.  Hopefully, this is a 2012 omen.


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2 Comments on “A New Year’s Eve DJ Gig: No Fights and No Idiots!!!”

  1. Dj Possess Says:

    I dig your blog and check it every week. Nice job but I must say there hasn’t been a single pic of a hot babe at your gigs. Very….earthy folks on Orlando.

    • Ouch! Understand the “earthy” people are my fans. This month, I’ll be doing a spot where hot babes do hang. I can’t promise you hot babe pics. Yet, we’ll see. And thanx for reading me.

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