No More Rock Stations…and I don’t give a shit!

I’ll be honest with you.  I’m a DJ who doesn’t own a car stereo.  To keep update with music, I check the charts.  Also, when someone asks for a latest hot hit, I promise to have the song for them next time…if I like the person.  Sometimes I go to others bars and see what other DJs are playing.

Today, I listened to my portable radio.  Out of curiosity, I flipped through the channels.  What I read in a Rolling Stone article was true, rock radio is dead.  One station (96.5) turned into a right-wing talk station.  Another station (105.9) turned into…Well, I don’t know what the fuck that was.  I heard Supertramp and Donna Summer.  I think 105.9 changed that way back in 2007, a time I did own a car stereo.   The urban and pop stations remained the same.

On rock radio’s demise, some folks blame record companies focusing on older rock acts versus newer acts.  Some blame and include record company’s constantly focusing on pop stars like Justin Bieber.

In years past, some companies expected an artist’s first album to flop.  As the artists matured and grew, companies instead betted on the second or third album to hit pay dirt.  Not so today, many companies are now in for the quick buck.  The sooner, the better.

Another thing, some blame rock radio‘s demise on hip-hop‘s increasing popularity.

If hip-hop helped cause rock radio’s demise, good for hip-hop.  I remember a time rock radio played Prince.  Yet, for some reason, stopped doing it.  Only an idiot would say “Let’s Go Crazy” isn’t a rock song.  Stupidity like that is why I could give two shits about rock radio. Especially when Prince has been labeled a rock star for years.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love rock music.  Some nights, rock dominates my playlist.   Also, it’s a shame new rock artists aren’t being discovered.   In my area (Central Florida), a thriving rock music scene exists.  Some artists I think are worthy of  a record deal.  Still, in today’s musical climate, they probably won’t land one with the majors.

I really don’t know what killed rock radio.  I’m just a man that plays recorded music in small bars.  My only guess is this: Because of the bad economy, people maybe preferring music they can dance and party to. Yes, I am aware of danceable rock music.  Still, they don’t call these folks INDIE for nothing.  Whatever caused the demise, due to its past behavior, rock radio was probably asking for it.

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2 Comments on “No More Rock Stations…and I don’t give a shit!”

  1. Says:

    That is so true. If you like rock, you are better off looking for a pirate radio station that plugs the indie rock scene. I work with a few peeps who are in bands and they all have the same lament. Rock is cool but, as you rightly point out, they are stuck in a time warp. Or maybe they look at their audience demographics and perhaps its mainly the older crowd who tune in. Hip hop RNB has become increasingly prominent and maybe thats whats taken away the rock fans who would have otherwise tuned in. Funny though because both forms of music hit their peak because of their often protest nature

    • If hip-hop and RNB dies, I’d be pissed. As for rock, I don’t give a shit. Rock is just a mutated version of “black” music anyway. Rock took the music and claimed it as it’s own. Why did Red Hot Chilli Peppers become superstars as Fishbone remained just a cult status?

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