Bad Santa and The Angry Elves

Last Thursday, I DJed Christmas music during Sanford’s Unofficial Alive After Five. Why unofficial? During official monthly events, streets are closed down. Streets weren’t closed down this night. From what I heard, due to last December’s low attendance, city officials canceled this month’s event. Yet, local merchants decided hosting the night anyway.

My spot existed in front of Little Fish-Huge Pond, right along with Bad Santa and The Angry Elves, a band performing twisted versions of Christmas songs.

Here’s some photos.

Later on, with more band members, the group performed inside Little Fish-Huge Pond.  Inside, bad words flew from Bad Santa’s mouth all night, even with kids present.

In the following pic, Debra Myers performs a wonderful version of  “Santa Baby”.   So wonderful, it aroused my candy cane.

Troy Garfield Goins sung a funny version of “Twelve Days of Christmas”.

The crew even performed Run-DMC’s “Christmas in Hollis”.

Sometimes,  a live act beats having a DJ.  Many DJs don’t interact with the crowd or at least, pay attention to them.  With their enjoying themselves and involving audience members, Bad Santa and The Angry Elves prove themselves professional performers.

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2 Comments on “Bad Santa and The Angry Elves”

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