Oppurtunity Knocks For The Laptop DJ

Every second Thursday, Downtown Sanford hosts Alive After Five, an outdoor event involving merchant booths and entertainment.  Also, local artists set up on the sidewalks and sell their work.  The event happens between 5 to 9PM.

Taken during Alive After Five

One Thursday, I received a call from Little Fish-Huge Pond, my Tuesday and Wednesday night gigs.  A band was scheduled to perform during the event.  I forgot why they weren’t tongiht.  Yet, I was asked did I want to DJ in their place. I was going to perform outside in front of the bar.  Each Alive After Five contains a theme.  Because the evening’s theme was Motown, Motown music was what I was going to play.

With no plans for the evening, I accepted.

Flash forward two months later.  Little Fish-Huge Pond scheduled another band to perform outside.  Agreeing to show up at five, the band didn’t appear until 6:30.  Then, after setting up for an hour, they didn’t start performing  until 7:30.

Fed up with bands, Little Fish’s owner asked me to DJ future Alive After Fives.  Of course, I accepted.

As I write this blog, I think about DJ friends at The Peacock Room in Orlando, dudes who either showed up extremely late for scheduled gigs or didn’t show up at all. As for the late-comers, after one DJ spun for about two hours, the other DJ was just now entering the building.  For some reason, this rubbed folks scheduling the events the wrong way, especially when the late-comer was the organizer for the event.  Then, there’s the guy whose always behaving hip around The Peacock Room.  He acts hip.  Talks hip.  Dresses hip. Yet, twice didn’t show up for his own gig.

I guess reliability and talent is why I’m receiving more and more gigs, especially gigs usually reserved for those longer in the game than me.  Again that’s just a guess.  For right now, I’m enjoying the ride.

Photo by Joe Austin

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