Old School Friday at The Peacock Room

Last Friday at The Peacock Room, I played an old school set, 80s/90s hip hop and soul.

Because it was the night after Thanksgiving, I was forewarned business might be slow.

To fit the theme, I decided to wear a hoodie.  I wanted to look my 90s Ice Cube best.

Photo by Joe Austin

Last time I DJed a Friday night at The Peacock Room, some patrons worked on my last damned nerves.  One dude kept shoving his cell phone in my face, showing me his music request.  With others?  After playing their request, they returned and made another request.  Then, after that song, they made another request.  On and on they went with that bullshit, playing the DJ like a jukebox.

Tonight, as I played old school, two separate requests approached me for current artists. One dude wanted to hear David Guetta.  After telling  him tonight’s theme, he later requested Stevie B.  For him I played “Spring Love.” A young blonde wanted to hear A Tribe Called Quest and Kanye West.  After telling her the theme too, we settled on A Tribe Called Quest.  For that I played “Award Tour.”

The two women in the following pic requested Latin Freestyle.  For them I played “Fantasy Girl” by Johnny O.

I decided old school for several reasons.  For one, you can hear the current hits in any other bar or night club.  Two, when it comes to The Peacock Room, it’s wise to DJ with a theme.  Before you know it, patrons start requesting songs and genres you definitely had no intentions playing.  Another reason?  Many Peacock Room patrons are in their thirties and forties, a group who would appreciate 80s and 90s music.

Just like I was told, the crowd remained small.  Still, something surprised the hell out of me.  Normally, I would play The Peacock Room on a Sunday.   After word got out I was going to be here on Friday, some  of the Sunday night crowd showed up.  A small town DJ from Sanford, Florida achieved what some big city Orlando DJs only wish they had, a following.  And does my small following pull an attitude about me using a laptop?  Hellz no!  They are more focused on the music versus my equipment.

When it comes to old school, the only thing I’ll do different next time is playing 80s funk and soul first. Beginning the night with hardcore 90s hip hop can almost clear the bar.  In a bar’s first shift of people, folks just wanna talk.  Cypress Hill telling people to throw their sets in the air is not good background music for chatting.  Next time, just like with Miami booty music,  groups like Wu-Tang and NWA might have to go on after twelve.

Too busy worrying about my mix and heading to the bathroom, I didn’t take any photos until towards the night’s end.


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