I Need To Hear Britney Spears ASAP!

During a Wednesday night DJ gig, two young ladies began annoying me with song requests.   When folks make requests, I attempt finding a spot where the song fits in the mix.   The song could go next or it may go after one or two songs.  But the two young ladies couldn’t wait.  They wanted the songs right now, as if the whole world centered around them and their music choices.

Britney, bitch!

They attended my nights before, a blonde and a brunette.  When I posted photos of my events  on Facebook, Miss Brunette complained about not being in the pictures.  Also, when I took Blondie’s photo, she always complained about how she looked.

Also, they used to attend my nights with guys who always requested angry rock music, the kind involving the lead singer growling the lyrics.  Instead of “Stone Crazy”, one of their male friends kept me calling me “Crazy Stone”.   I never understood that.  As everyone called me by the right name, he called me something different.

After nights of tolerating their male friend’s angry music, Miss Brunette and Blondie now wanted to dictate my play list.

“I need to hear Britney Spears ASAP,” said Blondie.  “I was crying earlier.  I was in tears.  I need to hear Britney.”

As for her tears, I didn’t give a shit.  Just like I wouldn’t care if it was her birthday.   Like everyone else, she had to wait.  The minute you give some people leniency, they take advantage of it.   Before you know it, I’ll be playing Blondie’s requests ASAP all night

After searching the song, it appeared as if the Britney song could go next.

“I’m playing it,” I said.

Then, I physically turned Blondie around and moved her out of my booth.

Miss Brunette kept it up with more requests.  All were songs I didn’t have, which ceased the constant requests.

What annoyed me the most?  After requesting all those songs and demanding them ASAP, these two didn’t even have the common decency to tip.  People are always talking about black folks not tipping.  Yet, apparently some white people possess a tipping problem too.

Next thing I knew, I saw drunk Blondie outside… falling down on the street.  Miss Brunette had to pick her up.  People sitting outside watched too.

“That’s how I like my white womenz” I said.  “Drunk.”

Miss Brunette walked Blondie towards the parking lot located across the street.

I went back inside continuing the evening’s mix.

I can’t make this shit up, one of the reasons why I blog.

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8 Comments on “I Need To Hear Britney Spears ASAP!”



    • I ask myself, “What has inspired some redneck to call me a nigger?” Talking about Britney? Talking about annoying, drunk white women? Do they see themselves in this blog? Who knows. Thanx for taking the time out of your busy schedule to comment on my blog. Obama 2012.

      • People like that are angry, not inspired. An angry, sad, incomplete person says shit like that. I’ve been, and surely will be again, an annoying drunk white woman that requests songs. At no time would I feel good about or be proud of a friend for making some dumbass comment like that – whether it was in person, or anonymously on the internet. Girls, surely you can do better than guys like this.

  2. White Bitch Says:

    Reading through your previous posts, all you write about it white people this, and white people that. You’re basically a racist. You also say nothing good about women. Playing songs off a laptop in a shitty bar in sanford does not make you a di, it makes you a loser. Get off your high horse. Looks like someone’s mad they didn’t go to college.

  3. Steve Roberts Says:

    Dear DJ Crazy Stone,
    Let me first apologize for mixing up your name. Truthfully it was an honest mistake, I didn’t realize i was saying it wrong until someone, not you, corrected me. By the time i was corrected Crazy Stone was just sorta rolling off the tongue so easily, and you’ve always answered to it. See, I was under the impression that we were at the very least friendly acquaintances. We spend so much time in the same place and all and I’ve never heard a word otherwise.
    Alas, I’ve stumbled across your blog via Brunette’s Facebook, seems as though I was mistaken. Heres the thing Crazy Stone, I’m very aware of how annoying these women can get when they’ve been drinking, they’re good friends of mine like you said. I certainly can’t blame you for blogging about it, you were descent enough to give them aliases and all. Super rad of you.
    I suppose that I’m just a little taken aback by your comments about me. See… I can only remember a couple occasions in which I’ve gone to you with requests for anything with any sort of ‘growling’. More often than not, I approach you with happy music that everyone will enjoy. Also, more often than not, you smile and play whatever it is that I ask you without saying a single word to indicate that you’re unhappy with it. Because almost every time I come to you with any requests I tip you, often well. Because that’s your fucking job Crazy Stone.
    You work in a little dive bar in Sanford, that was once like a second home to me. You search through Groove Shark and click the next song. Absolutely nothing about you indicates that you are a DJ outside of your name. You’re basically a jukebox with a face, and you know it. And, yeah, Ive seen your flyers around Orlando too, specifically at the Peacock Room on Mills. I’ve never been to one of your nights there, but I can’t really imagine it can be much different than what I’ve seen at Little FIsh Huge Pond in Sanford.
    You work at a dive bar dude, because you work for cheap, because you’re not very good at what you do. Any one of us could stand behind your laptop and play the outdated music that you play when you’re left with no requests. You’re completely out of touch with what is going on in music, you’re playlists read like a Pandora station. And without ANY sort of mixing of songs, or even so much as anything fading into or out of something else, theres very little that would indicate that you’re doing anything otherwise.
    Look around you next time you’re there man, is that what you want to be doing? When you work in a place like that (as you have for some time now) you’re going to have to deal with drunk people. Theres no dancing going on, theres a tv on mute, video games, friendly conversation with familiar faces. You’re background noise. Thats all you’ll ever be in that place. Don’t take yourself so fucking seriously. It’s really easy man, just takes a minute to observe and accept where you are and what you’re doing. Basically, know your role dude.
    See you at the Pond!!!
    The male friend who’s angry music you’ve been so kind to tolerate

    • Steve Roberts, I no longer use Grooveshark. I no longer use the internet. I mix the songs and fade in and out. As for outdated music? People request it. Recently, I have updated my music choices. People playing me like a jukebox is why I no longer use Grooveshark. Oh yea, I don’t have to take EVERY request any more. The reason I wrote the blog is because I thought the situation was funny. Yes, I am a DJ. As for YOUR choice in music. Yes, I did generalize. Yet, do you remember that night you went over my head and told Mo to play a whole heavy metal album off your phone? Now add that with you calling me Crazy Stone? Let me repeat this again, I no longer play music off Grooveshark. And another thing, you arrogant fucker, you could never do what I do with music.

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