The Freaks Come Out At Night

Last Friday, I visited Downtown Sanford, Florida.   A Halloween pub crawl named The Walking Dead was happening.

For ten dollars, you get one drink at each participating bar.

I first stopped at Fat Rat’s.

Because of  good customer service and friendly patrons, I enjoy Fat Rat’s.  Yet, for my one free drink, Fat Rat’s handed me a small plastic cup of booze, the kind of plastic cup you see at keg parties.   Normally, Fat Rat’s serve draft beer in a regular sized glass.   This small cup shit indicated I wasn’t being treated like a regular customer.  Actually,I felt as if I was no better than some homeless person off the street.

I quickly swallowed my booze and exited.

Jason’s Martini Bar was next.

The same folks who own Fat Rat’s also own Jason’s.  At Jason’s, a person waited forever for their drinks.  Just like at Fat Rat’s, I received another plastic cup of booze.

After I quickly swallowed the booze, I exited.

The West End was the next stop.

Instead of a small plastic cup, I was handed a bottle.

The Savi Fernandez Band, a reggae group, was playing.

I knew the talented Savi from Orlando.

Next, I headed to Little Fish-Huge Pond.

At Little Fish, a person was served bottled booze.  Also, most of Downtown Sanford’s costumed folks remained here.

I went to the Sanford Wine Company afterwords.  There, I didn’t take pictures worthy of publishing.  Yet, the service was good.  Instead of a bottle of beer, I received a glass of wine for my free drink.

Another place was listed on the pub crawl, a joint named J.J. Hancock’s.  Yet, that place was permanently closed.

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays.  Sometimes I enjoy it more than Christmas.  Unlike Christmas. I am always guaranteed interesting photos on Halloween.

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