Despite Some Bullshit, Fun Still Happened

Last Wednesday, during my DJ gig, Little Fish-Huge Pond was packed.

At least for an hour it was.  Because folks had to work the next day, things died down a little.   Yet, fun still happened.

My only gripe involved some pain-in-the-ass who took it upon herself to keep  requesting white musicians all night.  This as I played diverse music.  (No, that ain’t her in the last photo.)  Pain-In-The -Ass has been in Little Fish before.  After folks attempt being friends with her, she looks down on them as if they’re welfare recipients ripping off the system.  Because she kept making requests and asking for white musicians, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone found a KKK mask in her car.  Her requests appeared to be demands…as if I really had to play what she wanted.   In other words, the black DJ was someone to order around and not respect.  I guess she didn’t get the memo.  I now have the option of refusing requests.  Oh yea, she never tipped, either.

Yet, that was nothing more than a harmless mosquito bite.  The place still had fun.

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