Fuck Going Online For People’s Song Requests!

Last night, at my Little Fish – Huge Pond gig, a young lady wrote down a song on my request list.

Fuck going online!

“I might not have that,” I said.

“You can go on YouTube and find it,” she said.

“I’m not online.  Doing that freezes up my laptop.”

That was only one of the reasons for my not being online.  I had others.

“You need to get a Mac,” the young lady answered.

Even if I had a Mac, I still won’t go online for song requests.   If I don’t have the song, automatically I’m supposed to go online and find it.  At least, that’s how some folks see laptop DJs.  How unfair is that?  As many people still lick vinyl DJs’  ass, what do they do when the vinyl people tell them they don’t have the damned song?  But oh no, real DJs use vinyl.

Like I figured, I didn’t have the song the young lady wanted .  Yet, I did have others by the same artist.   The young lady picked one of them and walked away.

If I don’t have the actual song, most people are cool if I have other songs by the same artist.

Every since I stopped going online for songs, things have worked out for the better.   Rarely do I have to deal with folks picking inappropriate songs that ruin the bar’s good mood, something that happened a lot.

Also, people ran the online requests in the ground.  Song after song some folks requested.   Next thing I knew , I was playing a whole bunch of songs I didn’t like.

After talking with the owner of Little Fish, I’m no longer required to play every request.   If I think a song is inappropriate, I don’t have to play it.   The other night, two dye-blondes attempted changing my music.   As I  positively grooved the bar on chill music, the two dye-blondes wanted to hear a group with the word “skull” in their name.  I forgot who it was.  In the past, I would have been required to go online and find the group.   Not anymore.

First, I explained I wasn’t online.  Second, I explained I was playing chill music.  Still, they requested another  group outside of the genre.    I had them, but I wasn’t fuckin’ up my night for two non-tipping bimbos.

As they both walked away, one of them stormed away pissed.  And I didn’t give a shit.

To be real,  my definition of “chill music” may be different from another person’s.  As I see smooth jazz as chill, others may see  Kill-Die-Kill songs as chill.  Yet, Kill-Die-Kill runs most people out of the bar.

Yet, I suspected the two dye-blondes just wanted to change the night in their favor, and thought being female was going to influence me.

Good thing I stayed chill music too.  Many people appreciated it.  Because of that, instead of  playing the usual 8 to 10 PM slot, chill music gets played all night on Tuesdays.

This was a long time coming anyway.   Playing the same genres on both Tuesdays and Wednesdays spreads people out.  When you do that, less money is made for both nights.   So, Tuesdays are the chill nights and Wednesdays are the rock and booty shake nights.

Every since I stopped going online, Wednesday nights are already picking up.   Also, more folks respect me as a DJ versus being a jukebox.

All I ever wanted was a place full of happy people.  When it comes to Tuesdays and Wednesdays, it looks like I’m finally getting that wish.

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