Get Off My Back!!! White People Requested The Song!!!

Last Sunday, I played another DJ gig at The Peacock Room.

“You wanna perform in the back?” Joe asked me.

Joe is usually Sunday night’s head bartender.

If I chose the bar counter, I would be sitting next to the creature in the following pic.

Every October, the Peacock Room displays monsters and other scary things.

I chose the performance room.  Not because of the monsters, but because I wanted to experience the difference between bar counter DJing versus DJing in the back room.

Photo by Greg Hayden

As usual for Peacock’s Sunday nights, not many people showed.  Still, good times happened.

What are these two eyeballing, you ask?

They’re looking at the videos playing behind me.

Despite the good times, some things did turn me off.  One person complained about another person’s music request.

Seeing that the complainer was white, I decided to be a dick.

“White people picked it,” I said.

“I wanna hear music where I can shake my white ass,” the complainer said.

Folks have to realize the night is for everyone, not one particular person or group.

Women dancing used to motivate my choices.  Not anymore.  Well, not as much.  Now, I prefer picking songs that get most women dancing versus songs that only gets one woman dancing.

I realize picky women are just out for attention anyway.   First, I’m already giving them too much attention by listening to their complaints and wants.   Second, I’m going out of my way finding that right song or songs that will make them dance.   Third, when they dance, it’s obvious they want dudes watching them…including me.  All three things brings picky women the attention they crave.  And that’s why they annoy my ass.

As for another annoying thing, one of my friends started text messaging me song requests, a new experience for me.   I played one request and ignored the others.

Still, good times happened.

Tonight, I go back to the Peacock Room, my first time DJing a Friday night in Orlando.   Wish me luck.

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