Another Broke-Ass Friday

Last Friday night, Little Fish-Huge Pond hosted another Broke-Ass Friday.  Previous Broke-Ass Fridays happened the first of the month.  This one happened on what was both the last Friday and last day of the month.

Despite the crowd, things appeared mellow.   As I played different genres, gaining excitement proved difficult at first.

Earlier crowds tend to enjoy older music.  Also, playing fast-paced music early causes burn-out.  Before you know it, you would have an empty bar by twelve.

I never stick to one genre.  Doing that with a diverse crowd causes people to leave.

In the past, I always played online music.  When I didn’t have the requested song, I searched either YouTube or a streaming site called Grooveshark.

I no longer do that.  People always requested inappropriate songs, songs that ran people out of the bar.   Also, running both my DJ software and the Internet sometimes froze my laptop.  The last reason?  Because I was required to play every song, folks saw me as a jukebox that plays all of your music for free.  I’m a DJ, not a fuckin’  jukebox.

Somewhere along the line, a white guy who looked around fifty-something requested Nina Simone.  After playing a Nina Simone song, dude stared at me as he stood at the bar counter.

I knew what he wanted.  And I wasn’t doing it, either.  Either he wanted me to stick with one genre (jazz) or wanted me to keep playing Nina Simone songs.  All for this for a dollar tip.

“Well, I tried,” I heard him tell a younger white guy sitting next to him.

Eventually, I caused some excitement.  When I started playing upbeat eighties music, a small crowd began dancing to it.

In the past, things died before twelve.  Tonight, the crowd remained consistent.

Also, more and more people started dancing.

Tonight, I noticed how really shitty people can be about music.  I always knew this.  Yet, I didn’t have the full grasp until after I stopped going online for music.  I already mentioned the Nina Simone guy.  Also, after fulfilling her request to play current dance tunes, a woman got upset when I played a nineties dance song…due to another request.  She got up and left.   Also, some folks constantly made requests all night.  Tip or no tip, that shit gets annoying.   That’s the sign of someone trying to make the night theirs.  Another thing, too many requests makes it difficult to mix properly. That’s why some requests got skipped.  Then, one idiot got racial.

“All the white people are outside,” a Latino went.  “You can play it now.”

Despite the bullshit, the night went exactly like I wanted.  It ran consistent.  Also, towards the end, people danced and had a good time.  True enough some drama happened.  One group was pissed at one of their friends.  Also, someone challenged the owner’s son to fa fight, a fight  the son wisely declined.   Still, I was happy with the outcome.

I’m already preparing for the next Broke-Ass Friday.

Here’s some photos.





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